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the dice game v 2.0

top-photo-dice-gameA few months ago, my oldest son’s preschool teacher gave us a little game to take home and play. It was the one in which your kiddo rolls a die and makes a tick mark on a chart next to the number it lands on. I had seen the game before and thought it would be a nice little activity to help him with counting and that it would be the kind of thing to occupy him if I needed to get something done (like write a blog post).

When I asked Atticus if he wanted to play the game, he told me that he already played it at school before, so he didn’t need to do it anymore. Other kids do this sometimes, too, right? You have a great idea for an activity and they totally shut it down. Anyway, I knew I had to take a different approach to get him interested. A is very competitive, and I know that the opportunity to “win” at something is a huge motivator for him. I tweaked the game to make it for more than one player and so that there would be a clear winner.


To play the game, the first player rolls a die and marks down the number they rolled. Then the next player does the same. On each subsequent turn the player only makes a mark if they roll a new number. The first person to roll all six numbers is the winner.

I created a new game board with multiple columns so that the game could be played several times. I also made my own dice using foam blocks from Dollar Tree to add another new aspect to the game and make Atticus more excited about it. Sometimes it’s the little things that kids really respond to.



Of course, I have a free printable to share with you so that you can play the dice game with your children, too. This printable can be used to play the original game or the competitive version that my Atticus prefers.

You can get the pdf here:

The Dice Game Printable

Let me know in the comments which version your children prefer, and I would love to hear any new iterations of the game that you come up with!

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