our favorite worksheets {winter edition}


In a previous post, I talked about Atticus’s love of “homework sheets” as he calls them. The first time he asked for one, I came up with something pretty simple on the spot, and he loved it! It was near Halloween, so I drew some pumpkins and wrote the word “pumpkin” in dashed letters at the bottom of the page. I asked him to count the pumpkins and write the number, then trace the letters. Super simple for me to make, and it combines counting with writing. I love activities that let us work on multiple subjects at once-it’s great when kiddos can make connections across various disciplines.


After he completes the worksheet, I talk to A about the letters at the bottom of the page. I ask him to identify each one, and we talk about the sounds that they make. I think this is one of the most important parts of the activity. I try to always talk about Atticus’s work with him to make sure he really understands it. Don’t get me wrong-there are definitely times when I let him work on his own, and we don’t discuss it. Sometimes you just have to cook dinner, make a phone call, pay bills, etc.

I have made so many iterations of this worksheet, and they are still impactful, so I’d like to share 4 winter themed worksheets with you!

You can download the PDFs here:

Favorite Worksheet-Penguin

Favorite Worksheet-Winter Hat

Favorite Worksheet-Snowflakes

Favorite Worksheet-Mitten

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