Learning Through Play

lego obstacle course



If you follow goldilocks + her three cubs on Instagram, then you probably saw the video I posted of our Lego obstacle course. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should 😉

I got the idea from another Instagram feed that I follow, and when I showed it to my 4 year old, he was so excited to create an obstacle course of his own.

We started with a sheet of my favorite brown kraft paper on the kitchen table. Atticus made a starting platform out of Legos. While he cut out and taped down a paper lake, I made a sign that said “BOAT.” Atticus traced the letters with a marker and then cut out the sign. He made it in the shape of an arrow to point to the Lego pieces that we set out to be made into a boat. After our Lego man built a boat and crossed the pond, he would have to follow a walking path which Atticus cut out and taped down.

Lego Obstacle Course-goldilocks + her three cubs
Cutting out the road.

We left a break in the road where we put a bridge. Atticus drew a river under the bridge, and I explained to him that rivers lead to other bodies of water, so he made it run to the pond.

The next obstacle was tall grass, which we made out of green paper. I showed him how to snip into into small strips without cutting the whole length of the paper to make grass. Finally, we made a tunnel for the Lego man to go through and an arch for him to walk under.

Lego obstacle course-goldilocks + her three cubs
He made a few revisions on the arch to get both sides even.

Once the obstacle course was finished, we talked through our way through it, discussing the concepts of over, under, and through.

Lego Obstacle Course-goldilocks + her three cubs

Then it was time for our Lego man to go through the course about 5 times. Atticus wasn’t interested in going through the course very many times, but he was really intrigued by building it and asked to build other courses throughout the house for his various stuffed animals to go through. I loved his use of creativity and strategy in this activity. There were so many skills that we were able to work on: cutting, taping, tracing, planning, drawing, building. We will definitely do this in the future-do you have any ideas for obstacles that we could add? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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