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what our painting time looks like


I finally did it! I have conquered my fear of children painting in my home. I have so many people tell me I am brave or crazy, so I thought I would share our set-up. We paint almost every day, and I don’t think twice about it!

the supplies

Kraft Paper-I keep a huge roll of Kraft paper to protect my dining table. I bought it off Amazon, but you can pick it up in smaller rolls at most craft stores. I keep mine in my mudroom closet and rip off about a 5 foot section each time we paint. I used to spread newspaper on the table, but it slides around too much and causes gaps between the sheets.

Egg Cartons-I always keep an egg carton for each of my older boys to put paint in. Any time I empty an egg carton I replace whichever one looks worse.


Brushes-We have a hodge podge of brushes that we’ve collected. I keep brushes from cheapy watercolor kits and from our Kiwi and Koala Crates. I have also bought sets from craft stores and foam brushes from hardware stores. The boys love to experiment with different shapes, sizes and textures of brushes, so I always set them all out.


Paint-Sometimes we use watercolors, but we almost always use kids’ craft paint. The only kind I ever buy is the Crayola Washable Paint. It truly is washable as I have cleaned it off of clothes, hardwood flooring, our antique dining table, dishes…you name it, this paint has come off of it. No matter what I do to keep the work space clean, there are always accidents, and this paint is so easy to clean up.


the set-up

I try to keep things as simple as possible, so I set out a piece of kraft paper on the table, big enough for the two bigger boys to work on. Then I set out the paint brushes and egg cartons. I let the boys choose which colors they would like to use, and I put each color in a different section of the carton. Then I give the boys whatever we are going to paint-paper, ornaments, pumpkins, etc. If I am feeling completely uninspired, then I just let them paint on the kraft paper.


Once they finish painting I wash out the brushes and throw out the paper. I also put the egg cartons out of reach to dry. If I allow the cartons to dry then we can reuse them without mixing paints.

So that’s how simple it is. Using the kraft paper and the washable paint have been game changers. The set up and clean up are so fast and easy that painting is no longer miserable for me. I am always looking for ways to make the experience even better-do you have any tips for me? If so, share them in the comments below!

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