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Hello, Snowman! book review+worksheet


I have always lived in the Midwest, previously in Indiana and now in Minnesota, and I am no stranger to the misery that is January and February. Christmas is over, winter is no longer magical, and everyone gets a little stir crazy. This year, despite having a new baby, I am determined to not be as grumpy or watch as much TV with my boys as usual.

the book


At the beginning of December, I pulled all of our Christmas and winter books and put them in a basket near the Christmas tree. Every day during our reading time, I would go to that basket, and the boys would always request Hello, Snowman! This is one of those books that we received as a party favor from a Christmas party when my oldest went to daycare. It was probably purchased in the magical Dollar Spot at Target, and I never really put much merit in it. Maybe it was a Christmas miracle, or maybe I was giving it more of a chance because the boys liked it so much, but this year I found a way to really teach my kiddos using this book.

Like I said before, we received this book as a party favor (3 years ago), so I doubt you could find it in a store, but I found it as part of a bundle here. *In case you were wondering, that’s not an affiliate link. I’m writing about this book strictly because my boys like it that much.

As we read the book, we talk a lot. The boys tell me which parts are missing on the snowman. At the end, when he gets a family we talk about who the different members of the family might be. One day, this even sparked a conversation about the make-up of different families.


the worksheet

I recently started making worksheets for my oldest son when he brought home homework sheets from preschool. They were simple, quick, letter writing sheets and he loved them! He even asked for more homework, so now I make him “homework pages.” I am milking this as long as I can. If he likes to follow directions and do an educational activity, then I will encourage it!


The worksheet I made to go along with this book is super simple: the snowman is missing parts, so draw the missing parts. I used basic shapes and lines to make it appropriate for littles. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good observational drawing, but it’s important to practice the basics as well. The worksheet is also pretty generic, so it’s useful even if you don’t have the book or choose not to purchase it. You can download the free PDF here:

Hello, Snowman! Worksheet


Do you have this obscure book? Or do you have another book that has turned out to be a gem? I want to hear about it, so tell me in the comments below. Come back all month to see more fun winter activities and books. Let’s make this winter a little less dull!

6 thoughts on “Hello, Snowman! book review+worksheet

  1. Thanks Danielle for sharing! I look forward to following your blog. Lok seeing you be a wife and mommy! Miss you a lot!
    One of out favorite winter books right now is The Snowy Day!
    Ill keep my eye out for this book at our several thrift stores in the area!


    1. Thanks, Elle! We love The Snowy Day, too.
      Thrift stores are great for books. Do you guys have Half-Priced Books near you? That’s definitely my favorite place to buy used books, and they have lots of brand new coloring books for really cheap, too.


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